Frequently asked questions while applying for change of Name ads

Q 1. What are the documents required ?

A. You need to have either a maharashtra gazette copy or a deed poll affidavit (Annexure “E”) to publish this ad, after getting any one of these documents you can either scan it or take a picture from your mobile phone and email it to us at or send us a fax on 022-23734638 whichever is convenient for you.

Q2. Is the Gazette copy enough for Passport Purposes ?

A. The passport office has made it mandatory to have a deedpoll affidavit / Annexure “E” for all name change ads Also the affidavit should be accompanied by an ad in 2 newspapers one national and one local newspaper.

Q 3. My wife’s name has been changed after marriage? what is to be done?

A. Kindly note that in case of marriage, it’s but natural that wife’s middle name and the surname gets changed. In such cases DONT PLACE AN AD in newspapers. Only Annexure “D” has to be submitted at the passport office. Only in cases where the first name gets changed an ad has to be placed in 2 newspapers after making a deedpoll affidavit (Annexure ‘E’)

Q 4. What is the deedpoll affidavit / Annexure “E” format ?

A. The deedpoll affidavit / Annexure “E” is an affidavit just like any Affidavit made on a stamp paper which can be procured from the “Name change format” page.

Q 5. I am so busy, I dont have time/ I’ll have to spend one day on that. can you help ?

A. Sure, In cities like Mumbai people are very busy. we’ll help you in getting the affidavit done for you and the same shall be sent after publishing the ad in the newspapers all through vichare couriers. So you get your affidavit and 4 newspaper copies all at your doorstep. Charges : 350/- for Affidavit. For more details click here

Q 6. How to compose the ad ?

A. Composing the ad is very easy. you may check out our “sample ads” page. You may get a complete idea on how to compose the ad and than you may email us your details.

Q 7. Which newspapers will the ad appear ?

A. The ad shall appear in one english paper “Afternoon” and one marathi paper “Mumbai Lakshadeep” or “Aapla mahanagar” or you may even opt for “Free press Journal & Navshakti” in Mumbai AND in Pune the ads are published in Pune Mirror and Maharashtra Times.

Q 8. Are these papers acceptable at the passport offices?

A. Absolutely. We intend to see that you spend less on such ads as these are all non response based ads. Just publish your ad get your copies (2 each of English & Marathi ) and submit it at your passport office. OR You may download one of the sample copy of “afternoon” from here. you’ll see atleast 200 ads of change of name ads, hope that satisfies you.

Q 9. What are the charges ?

A. For charges Pls click here

Mumbai, Pune Nagpur & Nasik, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad

Q 10. How to make the payment ?

A. You can make the payment by clicking the “pay now” button anywhere on the website for making payments through Debit card/ Credit card/ Net Banking / cash cards etc OR you may visit our office at Mazgaon and make the payment in cash (between 10 am to 7.00 pm) OR you can make an NEFT transfer in the following A/c.

Payment Transfer details

M/s. Classic Advertising


A/c no. 623505384698

IFSC Code : ICIC0006235

Fort Branch.

Q 11. How will I get the copies ?

A. 4 copies (2 each of english & marathi) are couriered to you in Mumbai ONLY by vichare couriers on the same day the ad appears. (Advertisers outside mumbai have to buy the papers on their own) Vichare couriers usually takes around 24 – 48 hrs to deliver from the date the ad appears.

For Eg : If the ad is booked on 1st Jan, the ad appears on 2nd Jan, the newspapers are couriered on 2nd Jan itself and it reaches you by 3rd or 4th Jan. The Delivery timings for the courier is between 10 – 6 pm (except sundays). As such we request you to kindly provide us a complete address with proper landmarks and SEE THAT SOMEONE IS PRESENT at the address between these timings or else the courier comes back. Kindly note that we find few customers requesting us to send the courier again in the event of their residences / offices being closed, though we are ready to help however in such circumstances a nominal charge of 50/- will have to be borne by the client Or you are welcome to visit our office and collect the courier between 10.30 to 7.00 pm on all working days (No extra charges if you visit personally). The returned couriers shall remain safe in our custody for a period of 15 days from the date of the ad booked.


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