In this Article we’ll be discussing complete NAME CHANGE PROCEDURE ONLINE. We’ll be discussing the 2 most common ways or methods through which your complete name change  can be done legally in almost all your documents. Do note that the name change procedure for minor also remains the same.

The Procedure for change of name can be classified in 2 areas.

The 1st area involves publishing your name change in Maharashtra Gazette which can be useful for making changes in your DRIVING LICENSE, BANK A/c, LIC, PAN CARD, SCHOOL ADMISSION, ADHAR CARD, RATION CARD, BANKS, CHURCH, PROPERTY DOCUMENTS, INCOME TAX, ETC. ETC. Do note that the 1st area takes care of ALL the legal aspects except for the passport. 

The 2nd area takes care of making name change in the Passport. This process requires an individual to make a deed poll affidavit, also called as Annexure E available from the name change format page and to publish a name change ad in 2 newspapers. The 1st and the 2nd process combined together takes care of all your legal name change requirements.  Lets discuss each process one by one.

1. Name Change Procedure through  Gazette online Publication :

How do you publish your name change in gazette? Change of Name procedure in the Gazette can be effectively done through online Booking. Call 022-23734638 / 23708196 or just log on to or simply

DGPS is also known as the Directorate of Government Printing & Stationary, Mumbai.

  • Visit or
  • Register yourself with New Login userId and Password
  • Opt for Change of Name/ Change of date of birth / Change of Religion.
  • You may choose minor / open / Backward class
  • Upload all necessary documents including your photograph
  • Make payments online and get your gazette done OR kindly download the user manual here
  • For Help dial 022-61316404 (Gazette Office Helpline)
  • We assist in Booking gazette online for Name change procedure however our charges are 1100/- (Which includes FREE Name CHANGE ADS IN 2 NEWSPAPERS worth 400/-). 2 physical copies of the gazette are couriered to you and 1 pdf file is emailed to you so that it stays with you forever. Time Duration (10 – 15 days). call us on 022-23734638 / 23708196.

Kindly Fill in the Form  and email us the following documents :

  1. Photo ID : Pancard, Driving Licence, Passport, Election card………… (Any one)
  2. Address proof : Ration card, Aadhar Card, Electricity Bill……………… (Any One)
  3. Birth Certifcate OR Bonafide Certificate (Applicable for Minors below 18)
  4. Passport size Photograph
  5. Download Application Form from here. Fill it, sign it, email it to us with all documents from sr no 1 to sr no 5 at : [email protected]


Old Name* ;Father's / Husband's NameSurname
New Name*Father's / Husband's NameSurname

Address You Want To Be Displayed In The Gazette*

Courier Address*

Reason for change of name*



2. Name change Procedure through Deed poll Affidavit

This Procedure helps us to make name change in the passport.  In this name change process we just need to make a deed poll affidavit also known as annexure E to be simply printed on a stamp paper of 100/- or whatever denomination of lesser value is available in that state or city, and to be notarized by an advocate. The self-help process saves a lot of money and gives you good experience however, If you are not comfortable in printing from the website, you can approach any advocate who will do the work for you and may charge you max to max 300/- – 350/- (kindly refer to the name change format page for the deedpoll affidavit. You may also download the specimen copy of a Deedpoll affidavit, which will help you in making affidavit on your own.) Kindly note that the process is the same all over India.

If you wish  to make a deed poll affidavit for you or your child  in Mumbai or pune you may try deed poll affidavit online

The original deed poll Affidavit has to be submitted at the passport office along with a name change ad published in 2 newspapers one local and one national. One needs to be careful while publishing the name change ads as these newspapers should be acceptable at the passport offices. 


Just click on the  Locations below for the choice of your city for publishing Name Change Ads